5 New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions

Welcome to a brand new year with some brand new cleaning ideas and a special January 2018 offer for our clients.

 For the month of January 2018, become part of our gift exchange program!! We are accepting unexpired gift cards as partial payment for your cleaning services.  So, if your favorite friend or relative gave you a gift card during the holidays that you probably won’t use, ask us about our gift exchange program , we will accept them as a  full or partial payment for your January cleaning service from Mainstay Cleaning.  This is a way to put those unused gift cards to good use and clean your residence or office at the same time!


Mainstay Cleaning New Year’s Resolutions


Here are some quick and easy tips to make your cleaning chores easier during the coming year.  Remember that baby steps can result in great accomplishments.  By taking the following small steps, you can help keep your surroundings cleaner and healthier for you and your family.

1.   Clean up your shower

  After your shower or bath, take just an extra couple of minutes to wipe down your tub or shower with your still damp wash cloth and plain water.  This will help prevent mold and mildew and soap scum build-up and can save you $$$ on mold and mildew cleaning products.

 2.      Make plain white vinegar your best friend for clean-up. 

We listed many of the uses of this inexpensive product in a previous blog post.  But just as a reminder, white vinegar is wonderful for quick glass clean-ups, odor removal, and even as a fabric softener.  Add this product to your grocery list and keep a bottle or two handy in the laundry room and bathroom.  A spray bottle of ½ plain water and ½ white vinegar is a handy item to keep in these rooms for quick clean-ups.  A shallow bowl of white vinegar on a counter top helps absorb odors from a party, or pet odors throughout your home.  It contributes no odor itself but has the magical quality of absorbing other odors.

 3.  Clean out your closet

  January is a great month to donate gently used clothing to charity, and to clean out your pantry.  Put these cold, grey, dreary days to good use by spending an hour or two cleaning out and readying your home, office, and life for a new life in the spring!  Your home of office will thank you and you will actually feel lighter yourself!  It’s easier than dieting and you might lose a few pounds or inches in the process.

 4. Take time for yourself.  Eat that chocolate or have that extra serving of your special food treat.  It’s winter, after all, and we all deserve a little extra TLC during these grey days.

 5. Be thankful every day.  Even if you are only thankful that you woke up, that is something.  Enjoy your life and your home.  Remember to say thank you to your spouse, your children, your friends.  And smile!  A positive outlook is the best New Year’s gift you can give to yourself!




Happy 2018 from Clarisse and all the staff at Mainstay Cleaning!!!