How to Clean Shower Tiles

Nothing makes a bathroom look old and dirty faster than grubby grout and tired old tiles. These also tend to harbor mold and mildew, which pose serious health risks. Bathrooms are hot and steamy rooms. Soap scum and build up are formed by using conventional cleaners, personal care products helping mold and mildew to adhere to these surfaces, allowing them to multiply quickly and to have the perfect opportunity to thrive.

To effectively clean tiles and grout (with or without bleach) it’s important to note that some elbow grease and hands-on approach is needed. Here is how to best clean your tile shower:

1. Remove Soap Scum:

The hardest part of cleaning the shower is the soap scum, especially if the tiles haven’t been scrubbed regularly. Dobie cleaning pads or fine grit sanding sponges are a great help to remove soap scum from shower tiles. Start by rinsing the shower with warm to hot water using the removable shower head if available; otherwise, doing it the all fashion way with a bucket to help loosen up buildup.

2. Spray and Soak with your Favorite Cleaner

Pre-treat for 5-10 minutes with your favorite tub tile cleaner, especially on areas of heavy buildup. There are different available cleaners in the market but I like to go the natural, Eco-friendly route. My mixing solution is usually dawn dish soap and vinegar. You can also create a thick paste using baking soda and water and leave it on hard stains on shower tiles. Mold, and mildew in the grout then spray with vinegar; this will cause the paste to bubble and eat thru the mold.

3. Scrub:

Now that the area has been pre-treated, you can start scrubbing using a dobie pad or  fine grit sanding sponge for heavier buildups. Reapply cleaner as needed, spray directly onto the tile or pour some baking soda onto the sponge and continue scrubbing. Spray and scrub until clean.

4. Rinse:

Use hot clean water to wash off the excess soap from the tiles. If you notice more buildup being left behind repeat step 3 and rinse again until the clean.

5. Dry Tiles

Drying off tiles is essential to avoid future water spots and scum buildup. Additionally, spraying your tile shower with distilled vinegar after usage and drying it will slow down the future growth of mold, mildew, and scum .

A clean shower is essential, after all, we use this area frequently, but if you rather enjoy your day in a different way or be more productive in other areas of your life.

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