March is for Green Cleaning

March is here reminding us that spring is on its way and is time for Green Cleaning!!!

Tender green shoots emerging from bare tree limbs, pale green grass peeking above the ground, tops of bulbs planted in the fall slowly showing as they find their way for fresh air and sun.  Shamrocks, emeralds, even green beer to celebrate Irish heritage.  

At Mainstay Cleaning, we are also celebrating Green as we strive to be a part of keeping your home or office not only clean but healthy for you and your loved ones, avoiding harmful toxic chemicals hurting our earth and the places we live and work. 

As part of our healthy cleaning process, we use a multipurpose cleaner for many of our tasks. It is both a degreaser and deodorizer, penetrating surfaces while killing the source of odors. It combines cold-pressed orange oil with hydrogen peroxide to clean any water-safe surface.  Killing  99.99% of common bacteria found in your home; it also eliminates 99.9% of specified viruses, including Type A2 Flu virus, as well as other viruses that cause serious illness.  We use it for cleaning bathrooms, floors, spotting carpets, removing soil from tile grouting, and more!  In short, it is one of our best kept secrets!  But we are happy to share it with your, our valued client!

Our other cleaners such as our window cleaner, cleaning paste and floor cleaner are equally environmentally friendly. 

In between your Mainstay cleanings, you can make baking soda and vinegar your go-to product.  They are not only Inexpensive but effective to create a healthy clean  environment. 

Make your own bathroom scrub by mixing ΒΌ cup baking soda with 1 tablespoon liquid detergent. Spray bathroom with white vinegar and will give you an effortless way to remove soap scum.

White distilled vinegar can be your next best friend. It can handle 75percent or more of your daily spills and quick clean-up needs. Spraying your shower stall or inside of your shower curtain will prevent soap scum build, ensuring your next shower will be a fresh one. From counter tops to bathtub/shower scum, around the house can be a quick-grab item for little unexpected accidents.   

At Mainstay, we want to keep areas where you live, work, play, and sleep not only clean but healthy for you and your loved ones!