All You Need Is Love…..and a Clean Home!

It seems only yesterday we were clearing out the holiday wrapping paper, vacuuming up pine needles, and packing away the tree for another year.  Now the month of Love is upon us.  Yes, it’s February.  The month that spans the seasons between winter and spring.  The month for red heart-shaped candy boxes, warm bubble baths, and romantic evenings by the fire. 

At Mainstay Cleaning, it is also the month to love your home and your surroundings.  Ask for our Valentines Specials!

We hope you will take advantage of this Valentine treat for both you and for your home.  It will be the perfect way to show your home how much you love it and to treat yourself to some extra love at the same time.  And who better deserves it than you and your special someone? 

We also have another love treat for you this month.  We call it “Friends Don’t Let Friends Clean Their Own Houses.”  So, refer a friend and when that friend uses our excellent services, YOU will receive a free house cleaning on us, or “on the house,” as we like to say.  So recommend us to your friends and family.   And be sure to tell those you recommend to tell US that YOU told them about us.

In the meantime, remember, as always, in addition to loving and caring for your home, love yourself and those around you.  Here are three suggestions for this very loving month of February: 

1.         Scatter lightly scented candles throughout your home, not just in the bed and bath.  Add a few in your living or family room, dining room, even the kitchen as well.  A spicy apple-scented or cinnamon infused candle can cozy up any kitchen during these cold winter months. 

2.         Speaking of scent, don’t neglect your skin.  Indulge those frozen pores with a nice and warm moisturizing bubble bath.  And add a few bubbles in a fluted glass to sip while you soak!  This is the perfect month to indulge yourself with an extra treat or two (or three). 

3.         Remember to give your pets some extra love this month as well.  They get cold just as we human animals too.  So keep them warm, safe, and well fed.  And cuddle with them.  You will enjoy their furry warmth as much as they enjoy being cuddled. 

At Mainstay Cleaning, we are feeling the love this month.  And we want you to feel it too!


Happy Valentine’s Month!

Clarisse and The Team at  Mainstay Cleaning