Standard Vs. Deep Cleaning


When hiring a professional house cleaning service for the first time, most companies require performing a first time deep cleaning before they schedule recurring standard cleaning.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, here is a little information on what to look for when you ask for deep clean or standard cleaning service.


Deep Cleaning:

A deep cleaning takes two to three times longer than regular/standard cleaning. It is a very common cleaning for when you are moving in or out, preparing for the holidays or planning a special event.Deep Cleaning is a task most people like to perform once every six months or once a year and it involves a little more “elbow grease”, it reaches the deep grime and dirt in your home, it covers areas that aren’t covered on a regular basis.

 For example:

Deep cleaning the bathroom means scrubbing build up scum and mildew accumulated with time from taps, tiles, and shower heads. Cleaning interior windows, washing your window blinds, full deep dusting of ceiling fans, top of cabinetry and baseboards.


Standard Cleaning:

 Standard Cleaning is what most people do on a regular basis. It’s often used to maintain a level of cleanliness around the house after your home has been deep cleaned, keeping your home in top shape and still keeping attention to detail.  It involves more wiping down and disinfecting.  It covers all areas of your home such as bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms and common areas.

 For example:

After your bathroom has been deep cleaned, your next standard cleaning visit will involve your bathroom being wiped cleaned and disinfected, no need to scrub deep into the tiles, shower heads or taps. The cabinetry will not need any more than a spot cleaning and your ceiling fans will only need to be wipe down sporadically.

The task between a standard clean and deep clean varies in between cleaning companies, be sure to target your house areas of need and communicate this to your cleaning company or cleaning technician, find out if those fall within the cleaning package you are looking for. Keeping and open communication with your service provider helps avoids misunderstandings, delivers satisfactory results and helps you stay within your budget.