Three Reasons To Keep Your Office Clean

There are multiple benefits for a clean office. From increasing productivity to improving customers perceptions. Many companies place cleaning companies low on their priority list, leaving most of the cleaning to their currently working employees who have been hired to complete other task and not necessarily trained to give the appearance your business needs. A clean office is preferable to a  disorganized, dirty office space.
 Here are three important reasons why regular, professional office cleaning can actually end up being a great investment for any company.
  • A clean office increases productivity
An untidy office can make staff much less productive, as they search for missing documents, struggle with sticking keys in computer keyboards or even take time off due to workplace-related illnesses.
If bad messy habits are allowed, then a culture among your workers will start place in your office. This principle is simple, if your office is dirty, people won’t care about keeping it neat.
By creating a zero-tolerance policy on dirt and clutter in the office,  companies can end up with much more productive, happier staff.
  • A clean office says a lot about your company
Walk thru the office with the eye of your customers. A spotless clean office projects a positive view about you and your organization, showing that your company cares about the health and well being of its staff, creating a more welcoming and relaxed environment, placing your visitors at ease. It also shows that your company makes an effort to do things properly.
  • A clean office is important for safety reasons

According to Dr. Toby Smithson of the America Dietetic Association, the average desk has over 400 times more bacteria (including E.coli and salmonella) than the average toilet seat. Harmful bacteria, dust, and other nasty elements  reside on dirty work surfaces spreading around an office resulting in fatigue, stomach bugs, asthma, itchy eyes, headaches and many other health problems being triggered in the workforce.It is no secret that a dirty working environment can pose a danger to staff and visitors alike, which can create some truly disastrous and sometimes costly situations. Clutter becomes a dangerous fire hazard, especially when near electrical equipment such as computers and printers.

Keeping your office clean and maintaining a professional workspace should be your business priority. A professional cleaning company like Mainstay Cleaning helps you maintain a clean,  healthy, and welcoming working environment.